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Disconnect (Mukuro)

Katekyo hitman reborn!, Mukuro (+ Hibari) - Chrome, G
480 words
He is not the one who kills Hibari Kyouya.

He is not the one who kills Hibari Kyouya. He really always thought he would be, barring the not so very remote possibility that one day Hibari might have killed him.

“How did he die?” he asks, and Chrome, soft and timid, tells him as much as anyone knows.

Not long ago and not far away, in a fight presumably as idiotic and brilliant as every other one Hibari had ever engaged in.

He finds himself trying to imagine how it must have played out. After all, he has a great deal of time to imagine things, and his imagination is excellent. All the same; if Hibari had only had the grace to be torn apart by someone with the ego of Squalo then there would probably be video footage. It would be worth seeing.

Who is the next question, and it takes more work, or at least more time, to find out. He teases his way through people’s minds until he has a name, a face; facts, facts, facts. Some knowledge of the man’s movements. Solid little details, drawn out of the mist.

Chrome takes him to the man, and Mukuro is the one to face him.

“You’ve taken something of mine,” Mukuro says, with a smile, glossing easily over technicalities and half-truths. “Would you like to pay me for it? It’s hardly nice to break other people’s things.”

It is an amusing fight, but he wonders. What trick did this man use? Was he lucky, cunning, heavily supported? He is not strong enough.

Barely worth possessing, but he does it anyway.

It lacks satisfaction.

It pleases the Vongola – or at least Tsuna, which amounts to the same thing – to believe that he acted for vengeance, and is refusing to admit it out of some innate perversity. Certainly he has a lot of that, but all the same—

He watches them through Chrome’s eyes without bringing himself to the fore, and wonders at the way their minds work.

“No,” he tells Reborn later, in response to a question which was only implied.

Reborn nods as though he actually understands.

“Why…?” Chrome asks. She hasn’t put in much of an opinion on this one so far.

“Would you rather it was for revenge?” he asks her gently. “Of course they are more your companions than mine.”

He feels her hesitation; no, not quite.

“Out of curiosity,” he says. This is true. Hibari was fascinating and powerful and full of colour, and playing with him provided something unique. What did he hope for? Someone who could replace the toy they had broken?

But Hibari is out, and he still does not understand how it happened; it should not have happened, not at the hands of someone whose name is not worth remembering. Just another example of the gap between the way the world should work and the way it does.

And where on earth is he going to be able to find that sort of entertainment again?