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Direction (Dino, Hibari)

Katekyo hitman reborn!, Dino - Hibari, G
660 words
Dino practises the art of controlling Hibari.

Arrival at Hibari's base very nearly means a fight; they are surrounded with amazing speed, like any old intruders, and Dino is entirely ready to defend first and deal with questions later.

But it doesn't quite come to that.

"It's alright," Hibari says from somewhere further back, and his minions subside, stepping back to let Dino and his men through. "If they make too much noise, I'll bite them to death myself."

Dino just smiles at the sight of him, and follows him down. "Little Kyouya, all grown up."

"Maybe I'll bite you to death now," Hibari tells him, his voice a rough growl that contrasts oddly with the austere, traditional setting. A wolf in Japanese clothing.

"Maybe later, hm?" Dino says, unconcerned. "How are you doing, over here?" There are reports from the tenth and there are rumours and there are wildly improbable stories, but news of Hibari has always been hard to come by. The one who can't be held, although there were times in the past when Dino came close; in the end Hibari cannot be tamed, only manipulated.

"You came to Japan to ask that? Waste of time."

"I came to Japan on other business. I'm not allowed to check up on my old student? It's been a while."

They haven't met since Dino showed Hibari how to use the boxes. It really has been a while, and Hibari really does look far more grown up than the Hibari in Dino's memory; just enough truth, and not too much.

"Tch," Hibari says. He doesn't have to say I was never your student; it's an old argument, so worn and familiar that they can skip over whole chunks of it and be none the worse. Just like the other one, although it's been a very long time since they've bothered giving voice to that argument at all.

"Don't be like that."

Hibari gives him a long, hard look, and dismisses one argument in favour of another. With Hibari there are only arguments, never conversations. "What business?"

"My own family's. We've expanded into Asia a lot lately. Japan especially. The yakuza aren't what they were."

He only gets a tightening of Hibari's mouth in answer. Scepticism? Good.

"Now, will you show me your current power? I want to see what you've done with my gift."

Hibari changes modes instantly, from boredom feigned or otherwise to battle-ready in nought point five seconds. He doesn't leap to his feet and lunge wildly at Dino or anything so dramatic, but the tension is obvious, everything being just barely held in check.

"Outside," he says. "If you want to die."

Dino shrugs. "We'll see about that."

They're stepping out the door together, trailed by followers from both camps, when Hibari adds, without any prompting, "when I win, you'll tell me what you're really doing here."

"Deal," Dino says, "if you win."

He loses the battle by an inch. It's a little hard to admit that it wasn't even deliberate; Hibari really has become that good.

But that's fine. Even flat on his back in the dirt with his new suit ruined and wounds all over his body, it's fine. He's alive, which means perhaps Hibari has some kind of bizarre fondness for him after all, and theVongola have a powerful guardian, if they know how to use him.

Hibari leans over him, pinning him down. He's a heavy weight across Dino's chest, for a guy who looks so skinny.

"If you lost on purpose, I'll kill you."


He is watched, considered, inspected. Released.

"Why are you here?"

Because of friendly concern, because of masochism, because of this. Because of debts to Tsuna and because Reborn isn't.

How much honesty today, and how much duty?

"I have something interesting for you," he says in the end. "And someone interesting to use it against."

And Hibari is there, all attention and focus and fierce this-had-better-be-worth-it interest. "Show me."

So Dino tells him, shows him, and leaves him, satisfied that the latest threat to the Vongola will be more than adequately dealt with.

Though he wonders how much longer he'll be able to play this sort of game with Hibari for. It's getting painful.