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For Tomorrow (Yukimura, Yagyuu)

Prince of Tennis, Yukimura - Yagyuu, G
380 words
Right before Nationals semi-finals and all the Rikkai strangeness that entails.

Back in the beginning Yukimura said something like, follow me and we'll win.

Yagyuu smiled, that delicate little curl of his lips which means he was pleased, and said, of course I will follow you.

For as long as we keep winning was left silent.

Yagyuu liked to win.

That was years ago, but some things have not changed; and that, right now, is where the difficulty lies. Yagyuu's words are easy, and polite, and correct. His actions are something else, on the courts most of all. Talking of the importance of the team is one thing, but it is possible Yagyuu only believes in the importance of himself.

That he would lose for someone else's sake can't possibly be taken for granted.

Yukimura watches him closely as he explains his request. Yagyuu studies his hands, and the line of his mouth shifts a little although this is not a smile as the world would understand it.

"I have never felt that self-sacrifice was particularly noble," he says.

He does not say I will not. That means Yukimura has almost won.

"I don't believe I ever told you to be noble," Yukimura says. "I believe I told you to help the team win."

"In the long run, yes." Yagyuu does smile then, with a cool and dangerous sort of tranquility. A deep, dark pool. You can't begin to guess what is below the surface, however peaceful it looks. Yukimura has always admired that in him, with perfect awareness of how narcissistic Renji would tell him that was. "Of course I will not question your judgment. I did say I would follow you."

"So you did," Yukimura says, and smiles a smile of his own. "But you know you're allowed to question me. I don't expect blind obedience."

"None of us are blind. That is why we are obedient. And Yukimura-kun?"


"If you said there was something more important than winning, I think I might believe you."

Yukimura smiles again, bright and easy, as though Yagyuu has said nothing unusual. What else should he do? "Thank you. I'll see you at practice tonight."

It doesn't matter, anyway. He will pick and choose his battles, and in a few days they will win the war.

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