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Destination (Niou/Yukimura)

Prince of Tennis, Niou/Yukimura, G
760 words
For the prompt: disheveled.

"You look like a drowned rat," Yukimura said when he opened the door to find Niou waiting outside. It was tipping it down with rain, water pouring down the street, gurgling in gutters and drains; heavy clouds making it half dark even though it was early yet.

Niou smirked.

"So? Gonna let me in?"

"Come in and stand still. I'll get you a towel."

And then the noise of the rainwater was shut out again, and there was just Niou, standing in his hallway and dripping on the floor, on Yukimura's shoes resting beside the entrance...

Yukimura shook his head and went to find a few towels, and, after a moment's thought, pulled out some of his clothes that might more or less fit Niou, dumped them in a heap on his bed.

"My saviour, again," Niou told him, lips still twisted in that damn smirk.

"Yes, I'm quite the angel. What did you do this time?"

"You sound like Yagyuu."

"Oh? Has he already thrown you out?"

Niou laughed, humourless. Yukimura dumped a towel over his head.

"So much faith in me. Nah, I just wanted to see your pretty face. You don't glare as much."

"Hmm. That so."

"What d'ya think?"

Yukimura shook his head. "Dry off. I'll make you coffee. And you can leave your wet clothes right there, thanks. They're not ending up on my bed."

"You just wanna get me naked," Niou informed him, needling away still, but Yukimura was already heading for the kitchen.

He found Niou stretched out on his bed some ten minutes later. He'd put on a pair of dry trousers, at least, though he hadn't got any further. They were loose around his waist, sliding down a little further on his hips than they ever would on Yukimura's. Yukimura's eyes caught on the fine trail of hair leading downward from Niou's belly button, just for a moment.

"Drink," he instructed.

"Sure, sure," Niou agreed, and wriggled his way half-upright, taking the cup. He was still a mess, towel-dried hair sticking out in all directions, clinging damply to his skin.

Yukimura sat himself down on the end of the bed, legs crossed under him, and looked Niou over. He didn't look hurt and he didn't look any more ridiculously skinny than usual.

"Been a while," he said. "Why're you here now, Niou?"

"Fancied a walk. Got rained on. Your place was closest."


"You make good coffee, anyway. Better than Yanagi. Don't think he believes in the stuff really."

"Renji," Yukimura observed, "is more of a tea man really."

"Godless heathens. Him and Yagyuu both." Niou leaned back against the wall, closed his eyes, inhaling steam from the cup and finally taking a sip. "You ain't like that. Can tell a good guy by how well he makes his coffee, right?"


"Nah, it's a load of crap. The theory, I mean, not the coffee. The coffee's good."


"Yeah, I know. Gotta stop running, right?"

Yukimura smiled. "Not quite. But if you keep feeling the need to run, I'd rather you kept on running to me. If that's not too horribly selfish a thing for me to say."

"You're a horribly selfish guy," Niou told him. "Think I don't know that?"

From anyone else, Yukimura would be insulted.

From Niou... yeah, it was alright.

It was also as close to agreement as he was likely to get.

He unfolded his legs, shifted himself further up the bed until he was sitting beside Niou, close enough to see the slight goose-bumps still raised on Niou's arms, close enough that he should be able to feel warmth from Niou, only Niou must still be cold.

"Idiot," Yukimura told him, smoothed a hand down Niou's arm, over cool skin. "Put some more clothes on if you're still cold."

There was a soft clunk as the coffee cup was put down on the bedside table. Niou relaxed back down against the pillows. The sheets covers were already a bit damp from his hair, Yukimura noticed.

"I'm okay."

"Stubborn idiot." He had a hand resting on Niou's hip, now. He wasn't entirely clear on when he'd put it there, but there he was, leaning in over Niou, just poised like that.

"Always," Niou agreed. His eyes were closed again, and he really did look more relaxed than Yukimura could really remember seeing him, maybe ever. "But hey, if it works."

"For what?" Yukimura asked, although suspicion was taking root in his mind.

"Guess," Niou mumbled, and tugged on Yukimura's arm, throwing his balance and pulling him down for a kiss.

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