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Dare (Rin)

Prince of Tennis, Rin, G
300 words
40.5 says Higa have a mystery door in their school grounds and that no-one knows what's behind it. Rin knows the setup for a horror film when he sees it.

The hatch was firmly closed. It always was. Rin stared at it, and tried to fight down the feeling that it was staring back. Fuck Kai, anyway. What kind of lousy dare was this? It wasn't as though he could open the damn thing even if he tried. No-one ever could.

Oh, well. All he had to do was try, say he'd failed, and call it quits.

The metal handle was cool, even though the sun was out. Rin closed his eyes, not even sure why, and pulled.

Something gave, with a rusty sort of sound, and the door creaked open.


He opened his eyes and squinted down into the darkness. There were steps leading downwards, and he couldn't see where they ended. Maybe Kite hid the bodies down there; they hadn't seen Saotome since Nationals, had they? Or maybe it led to another world. There was a weird smell coming from down there, but it wasn't really what Rin imagined dead people would smell like.

He wasn't sure which idea was worse. If Rokkaku had a secret world behind a mystery door in their school it'd probably be a really stoned version of Narnia, full of happy little fauns or some shit. Knowing Higa's luck, theirs was more likely to contain horrors man was not meant to look upon. Presumably with tentacles. Chinen'd get on well with them. Hell, it was probably Chinen's fault they were even there in the first place.

If he was stupid this'd be the point where he went down to explore, probably without telling anyone where he was. But, whatever Kite sometimes claimed, he'd got enough braincells to figure this one out. Sure, he was curious, but there was another way.

"Hey, Kai," he called out, waving the other boy over. "I did mine. Now I've got a dare for you."

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