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After Midnight (Niou/Yagyuu)

Prince of Tennis, Niou/Yagyuu, G
300 words
Sleeping habits.

Niou is physically incapable of sleeping neatly. He sprawls, fidgets, steals the sheets to cocoon himself in or kicks them off the bed entirely. Once or twice he's come close to kicking Yagyuu off the bed, with no evidence of consciousness at all.

It should be completely infuriating. A great deal of the time, it really is -- there's something about the way Niou is able to expand to take up almost the entirety of the bed which reminds him of an old cat his family had, when he was younger. At least Niou doesn't drool, though he's still doing more than enough to keep Yagyuu from sleeping.

Yagyuu pushes away Niou's arm when his friend moves too far into his personal space, but keeps the contact between them; just a bit, limbs brushing against each other, hints of warmth... he can almost pretend that it isn't intentional.

When Niou rolls over to face him he feels his breath catch, even though Niou's eyes are still closed; there's nothing to say he isn't still asleep, only...

Niou opens his eyes, smirks, wicked in the half-darkness. Somewhere between them, his fingers graze against Yagyuu's in a way which is extremely, undeniably intentional.

"Something wrong?" he drawls, voice thick with sleep. Their hands are still touching. Niou isn't meant to know about the dirty, secret little thoughts he has late at night, staying over at his best friend's house.

Yagyuu just shakes his head.

"Huh," Niou says. "Stop staring, then. Can't bloody sleep." But his fingers curl more tightly around Yagyuu's, just for a moment, before he moves them. Niou turns away, settles himself warmly against Yagyuu, their bodies touching from shoulder to knee.

Yagyuu opens his mouth to ask a question, realises he has no idea which to ask first, whether he even really wants answers; keeps his silence.

Maybe in the morning the world will be normal again. Or as normal as it ever gets around Niou.