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Fair Game (Kite, Rin)

Prince of Tennis, Kite & Rin, G
1,000 words
Kite and Rin after their Nationals matches.

"Actually," Rin said, stretching, feeling the faint ache of his muscles after a hard-played match, "that wasn't so bad."

The look Kite gave him clearly said that he had his own views on that point. Well, he had got his ass handed to him pretty thoroughly. It'd been... interesting to watch, sort of.

That same look also seemed to be saying that Rin was a moron, which he objected to slightly more.

"Hirakoba-kun," Kite warned before he could say so, and Rin bit back his next smart comment hastily, cringing slightly - almost as much out of habit as anything. Talk about conditioning.

"Right, right, the goya. Got it."

"Exactly," Kite agreed, but his heart wasn't really in it, Rin was sure. His attention was elsewhere - plotting someone's downfall, maybe. It should be Tezuka's, but Rin kind of suspected it was Saotome's. Well. He wouldn't actually object to that. The guy tried to get in the way of a good thing, called them all a bunch of brats. Stormed off as soon as Kite would let him in a way which sort of made Rin think that actually, if anyone was a spoilt brat, it was their coach.

Whatever he got, he deserved. Hey, maybe he'd even help Kite hide the body if he asked nicely. Figuratively speaking.

It was always as well to clarify that sort of thing. Especially when Kite was involved.

They didn't head back towards the courts or towards the cheap hostel where they were staying, and Rin didn't comment, tagged along behind Kite with his hands in his pockets.

"You didn't fall in line earlier," Kite observed when it was beginning to get dark, two subway rides later in a part of Tokyo Rin didn't know at all. Hell, he'd only been to the city once before, years and years ago. "We might have won if--"

"Nah," Rin said. "They only would've got pissed off."

Kite considered this, inclined his head slightly. Agreement.

"Anyway," Rin carried on, "it was a good game."

"Which you lost. Disgracefully."

"It was a good game."

Kite made an irritable sort of noise and didn't say anything else. The murderous glint still hadn't quite left his eyes, whenever Rin could actually make them out.

He’d stand his ground on that point, though. Higa wasn't even slightly about good games - good or bad, so long as they won - but he thought that maybe he was getting sick of that.

It'd be interesting to play for another sort of school. Maybe. Play hard and win fairly once in a while.

Higa's strength obviously wasn't everything it was made out to be, for a start.

Fucking Seigaku. But they'd been interesting. It'd been interesting.

He was probably the only one managing to think that, even through their loss.

Kite's phone rang while they were eating, making the other diners shoot them annoyed glances, only getting more annoyed when Kite actually picked up. He looked like he'd probably try to lay out the first person to comment. At least the people around them had enough of a sense of self-preservation to keep their reaction limited to quiet irritation.

"Yes?" Kite snapped, and paused, listening to a voice which, even as the quiet murmur Rin could pick up, pretty much had to be Kai. "No, I'm not... yes. He is... I told you, we're not coming."

Another babble which sounded a lot like a question.

"Tomorrow. I'll take care of it."

Kite hung up, stared at his phone for a minute, and then switched it off. Rin raised an eyebrow, smirked slightly.

"What, you're taking a night off to scheme?"

Kite's smirk matched his. "Oh, I know what I intend to do. But I want him to sweat."

There really wasn't any need to ask who.

Anyway, Rin noted, amused, they were being pretty studiously ignored by everyone around them after that little bit of conversation. Well, hey. Less chance of getting their meal interrupted, anyway.

They stayed overnight in a place Kite found and paid for - one small room, two futons. About as good as where they would’ve been staying anyway, without the noise of the rest of the team complaining.

By the time Rin woke up in the morning, Kite was already up, just finishing getting dressed – still his tennis uniform, but then they hadn’t really stopped to grab a change of clothes after the matches. Rin had a momentary glimpse of the well-muscled lines of Kite’s back and then that way-too-tight top was back on. Not that it really hid anything much.

“Get up,” Kite said without looking around. “We’re going.”

Later, another hostel.

"Saotome-san," Kite announced, far too pleased, "is no longer our coach. Regrettably."

He didn't even bother trying to pretend he was sincere, Rin noted. That self-satisfied upturn of his lips said it all.

It was kind of-- it suited him.

Way too well.

It was easy, Rin thought, to imagine him somewhere else, doing something else; the guy in a suit accepting an unmarked briefcase full of bank-notes for unspecified services, the one everyone was just that bit too scared of to cross. He remembered the scene in the restaurant, briefly, and suppressed a grin. The calm, composed hitman.

Except Tezuka had smashed all of that apart easily enough the day before, hadn’t he? Not that anyone was mentioning that. Maybe everyone but Rin just wanted to keep on ignoring it and pretending Kite was perfect.

Personally, Rin had never really thought that. Imperfection might just be more interesting, anyway.

“So what now?” Rin asked easily. He found that he didn’t actually care that much. He wanted to keep on playing, one way or another. On the Higa team or off it.

“There’s always high school.”


“Is it gonna be different, though?”



“We’ll win.”

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