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Time to move on (Niou/Yagyuu)

Prince of Tennis, Niou/Yagyuu - Yukimura - Akutsu, M
4,000 words
Prison fic. *buries face in hands*
Warning for violence

He goes down for fraud in the end, mostly glad they didn’t figure out the rest of it well enough to get him convicted for anything worse, and that’s when he meets Yagyuu.

Yagyuu is pretty much the first person he notices, before he’s even been taken to his cell - just a glimpse in passing, but it’s enough. It’s hard not to notice the guy, in a place like that. He looks so... unbothered by the whole thing, a perfect gentleman in a total fucking dump of a prison.

It’s interest at first sight.

Figures that he’s sharing a cell with the guy. His life has been one long string of coincidences, good and bad. He isn’t sure which category this falls under. Guy like that could be the best damn person you could hope to share a room with, if only because he’d keep to himself; or he might be trouble. Real trouble, the sort even Niou would hesitate before messing with.

He’s pretty good at spotting the type you should avoid, and the guy could just be it. Too hard to read, for a start, and that’s usually a bad sign.

It should, however, be interesting. Keeping things interesting is important, and although he figures there’ll be a whole lot of people in here who want to make his life pretty damn interesting they’re pretty much just thugs. Not worth the time.

Yagyuu doesn’t ask what he did to land up here. He doesn’t ask how long he’s in for, either. Actually, Yagyuu doesn’t say anything much at all, not after a polite introduction, a little gesture of acknowledgement which seems really damn token.

Niou spends the first evening wondering what Yagyuu did. Maybe he’s one of those businessmen who snap after working to hard, just flip and do something stupid, but he looks like he still has too much control for that, and too much composure for someone who’s just destroyed his career. Organised crime? Maybe, at the higher levels. Hitman would fit far too well, something in the way Yagyuu moves, but surely someone like that wouldn’t actually be in the regular cells with guys like him. Well, with guys who got convicted for the sort of stuff he did, anyway.

“Hey,” he says on the third day in, “what was it?”

The other guys talk about it sometimes. He’s overheard them. Not everyone likes to talk about it a whole lot, but there’re a whole bunch of people who seem almost proud, trade stories. Yagyuu doesn’t seem like the kind to do that, but hey, it’s a conversation point. That, and he actually wants to know.

Yagyuu glances up at him, disinterested as ever. “What was what?” he asks politely. “Niou-kun, wasn’t it?”

“You don’t want to tell me?” Niou almost purrs, low and amused, smirks. “I’ll guess it. Fraud? Nah. Too obvious.”

“Nothing so...” Yagyuu begins, raises an eyebrow. “Ah, I see.”


A knowing smirk. Niou rolls his eyes.

“Yeah, ok, so you heard one of the other bastards around here talking about it. It’s not a secret.”

If he gives them that, then they’re not curious any more. Some of them mess with him, sure, but he’s not got in major trouble. Yet.

“If you say so,” Yagyuu murmurs, and turns away.

“Weapons dealing?”

“I’m afraid not.”

“Damn. And it seemed to fit so well.”

He’s been guessing for the last few weeks, a guess or two a day. It doesn’t actually matter so much if he works it soon out or not - he will eventually, which is enough. Yagyuu seems to sort of enjoy it, as far as Niou can tell.

“What are you basing these guesses on?” Yagyuu murmurs, which is more of an actual contribution to further conversation than he’s ever got from the man before.

“If I told you,” he says, and grins, wild, “I’d have to kill you.”

Yagyuu smiles. “Of course.”



“Officially, possession of firearms, breaking and entering, and intent to murder.”

Niou blinks. “Officially.”



“If I told you,” Yagyuu says, deadpan, “I would have to kill you. Well, perhaps that’s a little too dramatic, but still.”

All told, Niou should be running away from someone like Yagyuu pretty damn fast. That must be why he finds hanging out with the guy so enjoyable. There’s something really interesting lurking under a calm exterior, trying to tell the world it’s a pet dog when it’s really a wolf. He likes that in a guy.

No wonder people always told him he’d got no survival instincts. But what the hell did they know? He’s lived through everything so far and - the slight setback of prison aside - he’s doing pretty damn well.

Since Yagyuu opened up to him a bit they’ve been eating together, hanging out together a lot when they’re not working, not required to be somewhere, doing something specific. People begin to notice, and that’s kinda bad, too. But people seem more reluctant to mess with Yagyuu than they do with him.

He’s learning. Yagyuu has a few... not friends, really, but people he tolerates or respects. A guy everyone calls Viper, surly and prone to snap at people but not actually that dangerous; and a pretty-boy who by all rights should be pretty much at the bottom of the food chain in a place like this but who... nah, Niou wouldn’t pick a fight there.

The feeling that this would be a really fucking bad thing to do is only confirmed when Akutsu shows up.

Akutsu is all thug. If he expects people to be impressed by that then he’s in the wrong damn place, but at least he’s not likely to have to worry about anyone trying to fuck him. Still, he comes in like he owns the place. That’s his first mistake.

Second mistake, as far as Niou is concerned, is that he underestimates people. Himself, Yagyuu, the pretty-boy.

“What the fuck is this,” he sneers at Yagyuu, two days after his arrival, a few months after Niou’s. Yagyuu is reading - or was, because Akutsu plucks the book out of his hands, flicks through it, tosses it aside.

Niou is pretty well ready to pick a fight at that alone. He’s been so good, he hasn’t stepped out of line where anyone might notice, and it’s beginning to drive him nuts. And Yagyuu looks...

Yagyuu looks like Yagyuu, which is to say, pretty much expressionless. Politely unbothered. But his fingers twitch a bit where they aren’t gripping the book any more and the rest of his body is way, way too still. Trouble in the making.

It’s a flash-quick decision which makes him step forward, tap Akutsu on the shoulder right as Yagyuu opens his mouth to say god knows what. “Hey, you got a problem, bastard?” he drawls, shoots Yagyuu a look to tell him not to get involved and hopes he pays attention.

“Yeah,” Akutsu growls, whipping around to size him up. “Your face ain’t broken yet.”

“Funny. Could’ve told you the same thing,” Niou says, “except yours kinda looks like it already got hit by a truck.”

And that’s when Akutsu punches him.

It fucking hurts, he’ll give the guy that, but - pushing pain aside as an irrelevant detail for the moment - he doesn’t exactly think before he picks his fights. Or he’s just not smart enough to spot things like...


The next punch doesn’t even connect, and that’s with Niou having to take the time to recover, blink his vision clear and make himself ready for another attack.

Way too easy. He doesn’t have the strength Akutsu does, sure, but who needs that when you’ve got a few tricks?

But what impresses him, after, is the way the pretty-boy deals with the whole thing. Yukimura, he’s called, apparently.

It’s practically cleaned up before the wardens even get there. And when they do, noone has seen a damn thing, even the guys in the next seats along.

He’s not going to piss that one off. Anyone with that sort of body-mass who can keep a bunch of hardened criminals so thoroughly in line without raising his voice is a force to be reckoned with.

“You shouldn’t have done that,” Yagyuu tells him, much later, alone in the cell. They’re in their respective bunks, and Niou is staring blankly into the darkness. His face hurts on the left side.

“Why not?”

“It wasn’t you he had a problem with.”

Akutsu has, as far as Niou can tell, a problem with the entire damn world. Yagyuu had just happened to be the part of it he was looking at right then.

“Sure, not that time. But what difference does that make?”

“I can look after myself,” Yagyuu snaps, more emotion than Niou has ever heard from him, even if it is just anger. A reaction is a reaction.

“Never said you couldn’t.”

“I don’t need you,” Yagyuu tells him, and Niou blinks. What?

As though he’s trying to convince himself.

“Hey, calm it,” Niou says, though that’s the last thing he wants Yagyuu to do. “They’ll come check on us if we make too much noise. I was just doing a friend a favour, ok?”

The silence at that is totally icy. Interesting.

“We’re not--” Yagyuu begins, after far, far too long.

“Ok, ok. But if one of us was gonna get in trouble, better me than you. I’m not in for long, and not for anything much, but you... there’s something weird there. Right? Don’t wanna draw attention if it’s like that.”

Just more silence, but it’s more... contemplative.


“Anyway,” Niou says, suggestive, because he just can’t resist poking at other people’s sore spots when he discovers them, “maybe I just did it so you owe me a favour. You gonna do something for me, Yagyuu-kun?”

The sound of Yagyuu’s bare feet hitting the floor as he drops from the top bunk is just a muffled thud, along with the rustle of fabric. Nothing much, but it makes Niou go still, an undefined sense of anticipation sweeping over him. He doesn’t see so much as sense Yagyuu leaning in over him, a little glint of light reflecting from his eyes when they catch the light in the corridor.

“You,” Yagyuu says, extremely close, “have no idea what you are asking for.”

His hand is rough, catching in Niou’s hair, tipping his head back. His breath is hot on the skin of Niou’s neck, making him shiver, just a bit. Making some of his blood migrate south. There’s been nothing since he got sent here, of course he gets turned on pretty easily. Not that noone tried to have him, but a little gentle persuasion put paid to that, ‘cause he sure as hell wasn’t letting just anyone near him.

Yagyuu isn’t just anyone, though.

“Oh, I think I do,” he hisses, and hears Yagyuu laugh in response, a low noise from deep in his throat, another gust of breath across his skin.

“Maybe,” he says, sounding unconvinced, and his free hand ghosts down the length of Niou’s body, only just barely touching, skims over his cock -- and then it’s gone. All of it. No contact, no sense of another body close to his.

The bunk creaks slightly as Yagyuu climbs back up to his own.

“Shit,” Niou mutters. “You fucking bastard, Yagyuu.”

They lie in silence, listening to the regular steps of the warden coming down their corridor, passing them without a pause.

“Thank you,” Yagyuu murmurs when the footsteps have faded again.

Niou doesn’t reply. He’s busy wondering how the hell he’s going to get to sleep, and if he should just give up on subtlety and jerk off under the blankets.

It doesn’t take long for Akutsu to come back, but he doesn’t start trouble right away. Not with them, anyway. Plenty of people get mystery injuries over the next few weeks. The guy is actually pretty good, at fighting if nothing else, Niou decides. He’s watching the situation with a fair bit of interest, watching Akutsu carve out a space for himself. Watching for signs of trouble.

Yukimura is watching too, he notices.

Yagyuu doesn’t seem to care much. Or if he does, it doesn’t show. A lot of things don’t, Niou is learning. Yagyuu can be more than expressive (a memory of a dark cell and the edge to Yagyuu’s voice, the way he half-touched Niou) but only when he wants to be.

“Hey,” he asks Yukimura, one of the days they both happen to be in the same place, keeping an eye on the same things, “what d’you know about him?”

“I take it you don’t mean our fine friend over there,” Yukimura says, inclines his head towards Akutsu.

“Oh, come off it,” Niou grumbles, but he grabs the placatory cigarette Yukimura tosses him anyway. The guy seems to come by them a lot more easily than most, somehow. Especially for someone who doesn’t actually smoke, or never has when Niou’s been able to see. “You know who I mean.”

“Mm,” Yukimura agrees. “I don’t know much, though.”

But he doesn’t quite meet Niou’s eye when he says it. Still, Yukimura’s a good enough guy, and if he’s keeping quiet it’s probably for a reason. Not that it’ll stop Niou, but it’ll make him look for other ways to find out.

When they’re together, Yagyuu doesn’t mention that night - not that anything actually... happened, really - and Niou doesn’t either. But he watches, invades Yagyuu’s personal space ‘by accident’ sometimes. He can practically feel the tension it generates in Yagyuu, a wonderful contrast to the bland exterior; all that want, carefully held just below the surface. He’s planted something in Yagyuu’s mind, he can see, or else there was something already there and he just gave Yagyuu a glimpse of what it would be like to have him.

There’s got to be a reason Yagyuu isn’t acting on it. Niou really doesn’t buy that he’s just plain repressed, or that he’s getting enough somewhere else.

Before he can get to the bottom of it, though - by the time he’s considering just grabbing Yagyuu and seeing if he gets told to piss off - Akutsu happens for the second time.

This time, it’s messier. Niou doesn’t even see most of it, but from what it looks like, the guy was bored and decided to come back with reinforcements.

The first sign that something is up is that there’s a whole lot of shouting, and he has to run to make it there quick enough to see anything at all. There’s already a guy on the floor by the time he does arrive, not looking too healthy, and Yagyuu is turning away. There’s a flash of pure scorn on his face

“Hey, you fucking bastard,” Akutsu snarls, lunges for Yagyuu, and Niou doesn’t even see what Yagyuu does, but it sounds really damn painful. There’s no new blood, though there’s already a reasonable amount on the floor, pooling around the bod-- around the other guy.

Everyone is suddenly very, very busy.

“What did you do?” Niou hisses, grabbing Yagyuu’s arm and dragging him away as fast as he damn well can without looking too suspicious. He thinks he knows what Yagyuu did, actually. The world is beginning to make a whole lot more sense on some levels, and way, way less on others. “Shit, let’s be somewhere else. Better hope Yukimura can deal with this one too.”

“I doubt it,” Yagyuu says. “That was unwise of me.”

“Yeah, you’re telling me,” Niou complains. “Hey, you’re not hurt or anything, right?”

“I... no,” Yagyuu says, looking surprisingly disconcerted. “Why?”

“What, I’m not allowed to show a bit of concern? There was kind of a lot of them.”

“I believe I told you before that I don’t need your protection,” Yagyuu says smoothly.


“I’m quite capable of--”

“Yeah, yeah, I know, but what about afterwards?” Niou says, and Yagyuu almost... crumples, his composure slipping, all his barriers coming down as though they were only ever made of paper.

“I was hoping you wouldn’t wonder about that,” he mutters.

They spend the rest of the day in their own cells while the mess is sorted out. Akutsu is just in hospital again, Niou gathers, but there’s no word on the other guy.

Yagyuu doesn’t look as though he thinks the news will be good when they get it.

“So,” Niou says into the tense silence of the cell. “You think they’ll figure it was you?”

Yagyuu hesitates. He’s sitting on one of the plastic chairs, the ones Niou never uses if he can damn well help it because sitting in the floor is actually slightly more comfortable. “I hope not, but...”

“But. I reckon maybe you’re worried someone’ll recognise the way you attacked them.”

Yagyuu actually looks at him. Right at him, making eye contact for the first time since the afternoon.

“Huh. Looks like my guesses are getting better,” Niou says. Not that it’s really a guess any more. And not that it’s encouraging to be right, really.

“Mm. I suppose you are likely to be getting a new cellmate,” Yagyuu says.

He looks shaken, still, but his voice is so fucking calm. Niou wants to grab him and shake him, and can’t think of a single damn reason not to.

“I don’t,” he snaps, close to Yagyuu, face to face with him, hand clenched around the rough fabric of his shirt, “want another fucking cellmate. What the hell is wrong with you?”

“A lot of people have asked that question,” Yagyuu murmurs, but there’s that edge to his voice, emotion creeping in. “I don’t think a satisfactory answer was ever found.”

“You have no idea how badly I want to hit you right now.”

“I may have a suspicion.”

Only that isn’t really what Niou wants to do, because the thing is, maybe Yagyuu’s wrong - but maybe he’s right, and he’ll be gone soon. They’ve been sharing a cell for long enough that he doesn’t actually want to think about there being no more Yagyuu.


He closes his eyes, steadies himself, orders his thoughts. Or tries to. Yagyuu... isn’t helping.

He’s sure they weren’t quite that close a moment ago.

“I’m sorry,” Yagyuu says, not really sounding it, and Niou is about to ask what for when Yagyuu’s hand drags down his side, across his hip, between his legs. “I never did do you that favour.”

“What is this,” Niou growls. “A going away gift?”

“That’s one way of putting it.”

He should argue or something, but right now he’ll take what he can get.

“You kill people for money?” he asks a little later, gasps the words against Yagyuu’s skin. They’re on his bunk now, at least, even if it’s too narrow - Yagyuu is still touching him, and he’s doing his best to return the favour. Shame they’re still mostly dressed; he’d love to see Yagyuu naked like this - nothing he hasn’t seen before, but different all the same.

Yagyuu doesn’t even falter, just tightens his hand around Niou’s cock a little, making Niou bite back a hiss of pleasure.

“What makes you... think so?”

“You seem like the type.”

A low, humourless chuckle which ends abruptly as Yagyuu tries not to moan.

“Am I wrong?”


“Gonna kill me now?”

Yagyuu’s free hand snakes around him, under his shirt, pulls him closer. Almost... possessive? Can’t be. He doesn’t say anything, just jerks Niou off like it’s the most important thing, like nothing could make him stop. It’s... shit, Niou hasn’t got laid in seven months. Well, longer really. He just wants this to last, but it’s way too much to ask for.

At least Yagyuu isn’t far behind him when he comes. Must’ve been a while for both of them, he figures, slightly hazily.


“So...” he says, reluctant, when they’ve just lain there for a while, very still and quiet.

“You don’t seem...” Yagyuu starts at the same time.

“Bothered? Nah. Curious, though.”

“You’re aware that this is probably not the most ordinary reaction?”

“Shit, Yagyuu,” Niou says, almost laughs, would laugh except for the one point which has been really, really bothering him when he’s been able to get real thoughts in at all, “you’re in a prison with a bunch of certified bastards. You don’t know half the crap I’ve done in my life. I’m meant to be shocked that you’re a hitman? I’m just shocked you’re a hitman and still alive.”

“Ah,” Yagyuu says tiredly. “That. There were some interesting circumstances surrounding my arrest and trial, of course.”

Niou can imagine it now. A guy like Yagyuu would probably be more than capable of blackmailing, bribing or otherwise manipulating the right people; though apparently it hadn’t taken him quite far enough. “You know something, right?”

“A few rather embarrassing facts, yes. With a proper network in place to keep them from simply disposing of me to solve the problem. Though I can only assume they’ve been working on rooting that out since I’ve been in here.”

“You’ll be pretty screwed if they managed, huh?” Niou says, aiming for flippant and ending up with concerned, and that’s when Yagyuu kisses him.

He’s momentarily lost for words, and not just because his mouth is busy doing things other than talking. Exchanging handjobs, sure, but this is... he didn’t expect it. Maybe he should’ve; it’s not usual but Yagyuu isn’t usual, and stressed as hell right now too.

It’s... good, anyway. Really damn good. Yagyuu’s mouth feels right on his, like this is what it was meant to be doing all along, and that’s possibly the stupidest, most cliché thing he’s ever thought. He should be shot.

“I think I may be in quite a lot of trouble anyway,” Yagyuu murmurs against his lips. Eventually.

“No shit,” Niou says. “Not the first time you’ve pulled something like this?”

“Mm. They’ll move me, at the least.”

“At the worst?”

Yagyuu just shakes his head.

It’ll be... towards the worse end, Niou is pretty sure.

Even the best is.... no. Whatever happens is going to totally suck.

“Well, hey,” he says, rolls onto his back, the devil’s own grin on his face. “It'll take them a while to figure it out and get the transfer sorted. I always fancied trying jailbreaking. Want to give it a shot?”

Yagyuu actually laughs, turns it into a coughing fit at the last minute. No-one’s fooled. Well, Niou isn’t, anyway.

“I don’t see why not.”

What’s the worst that could happen?