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Countdown (Niou/Yagyuu)

Prince of Tennis, Niou/Yagyuu, General
450 words

Niou checks his watch. Five seconds, ten, twenty. A minute. Yagyuu. Where are you?

Timing is everything. Thirty more seconds and he’ll have to go.

Twenty-five more. Twenty. Nineteen. Eighteen.

Can he actually leave Yagyuu behind? It’s the correct thing to do but he’s never been big on following the rules. It’s a miracle he hasn’t been suspended yet. Well, a miracle or heavy intervention on Y’s part. Maybe both.

Fifteen. Fourteen. Thirteen.

Yagyuu will be here. He shouldn’t be wondering about launching a rescue against his orders, because Yagyuu is not going to need rescuing, is definitely not going to get himself killed.


Ten. Nine.


“Fuck this,” Niou mutters, five seconds to the cut-off, and is just reaching for the switch to suspend the timer on the explosives when another hand on his own stops him. Yagyuu. Unmistakable.

Fucking smug bastard.

“Time to go, I believe,” and they’re already moving. He’ll give Yagyuu hell later, especially if it turns out he was just waiting to see how close he could cut it before Niou either broke or went to leave without him.

It can wait until they’re out.

“So you weren't going to leave me to die,” Yagyuu comments as they head for the exit. “How very romantic of you.”

Niou just growls, saves his breath for running if they have to. Yagyuu is playing with him. He doesn’t have to dignify it with a response.

But then, just as they’re turning a corner onto the street, twenty seconds before the world behind them is due to become full of all kinds of excitement which the people in it could certainly do without, Yagyuu murmurs, “I think I would have made the same decision for you, actually,” and all of Niou’s comments and sharp words die unspoken. Yagyuu has never broken a rule, or at least never been caught breaking one.

“That’s the kinda thing that gets people killed,” he says instead. “You want to live, you just get out. Let anyone who fucks up that badly die.”

Yagyuu smirks.

“You didn't seem to be bothered by this fact yourself.”

“No, but I’m the crazy bastard, remember?”

“Perhaps that makes two of us.”

If Y managed to overhear any of that he’s going to fucking kill the pair of them. Does Niou care? Not really.

Bright light and noise behind them, right on time. They get the job done.

Niou smiles, sharp and satisfied, just for a second; then they’re reacting just like any other random pedestrians, running for cover in what looks fairly convincingly like panic.

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